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Bulk SMS Service for Travel & Tourism Industry

Tours and travel industry have always flourished in our country. The industry has been successful in providing packages that suit the consumers for long and short vacations. It is said that it will flourish always because of the demand of consumers to reach to their destinations comfortably and without any tension.

Bulk SMS Service
Bulk SMS services is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending information to the consumer is masses. The messages are sent together in order to reach the masses. The information sent is crisp, to the point and short. A total of 156 characters are allowed. It is the cheapest way to send across the information hence it is preferred by many agencies and companies.
Bulk SMS goes to Travel and Tourism
Using this strategy in travel and tourism industry can result in fruitful outcomes. Various companies and agencies use text messages to keep the consumers updated with the new packages and schemes. Almost 97% of the text messages sent are read by the consumers, which is a great number. Bulk SMS services promote a number of packages like honeymoon, hill station, beaches and picturesque destinations.

Benefits of Bulk SMS service for Travel and tourism industry:

1. Booking Confirmation
It is absolutely essential to send across the booking confirmation to the consumers. Bulk SMS makes it easy to do so. The consumer feels satisfied about being updated about the booking. Having a SMS confirmation is equally handy for consumers since mobile phones are almost always in our hands.

2. Notifications for delays
The fastest method of informing delays about flights, trains and bookings is through SMS Marketing. It is rather time waste to inform about delays individually. The benefit here is of cost as well of time.

3. Offers and discounts
There are times when the customer books a holiday if there are some discounts and offers available. SMS Marketing is one of the best ways to alert the customers about the ongoing offers and discounts.

4. Wishing the best
The relationship between the consumer and the seller gets stronger by wishing for their wellness. A SMS for safe journey and happy travelling only builds up the relation between the two.

Bulk SMS - ONI

Online Net India is one of the leading organizations providing Bulk SMS service in Noida that are suited best for travel and tourism industry. There are experts sitting who have in depth knowledge about their work. For best class services, choose ONI.

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