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Search and Display Advertisement

Pay per click or PPC or Cost per click is one of the fastest internet advertising models that are used to create traffic for the website. Here the advertiser has to pay to the publisher whenever the ad is clicked. This is usually connected with first tier engines like Google AdWords, Microsoft Bing Ads.
Search advertising is the easiest method to be on top of Google search results for your keywords. You can get on the spot traffic! Pay per click or cost per click is used to check the profitability of the internet market. This gives us an idea about how effective an advertisement was or which keyword has the maximum effect. Pay per click is an effective tool when the business is to only bring traffic to the website. The location of the ad and position of the ad is then modified according to the results that are achieved. Using pay per click, the ads appear above and below the organic search that is done by the search engine.
Even though Pay per click can cost a lot since it's a game of bidding at the end of the day. The bidding is done on the specific keywords or phrases.Rules to remember when investing in Pay per click method:

  • Keep a track of conversions
  • Set up a smart budget
  • Find the right keyword
  • Go for quality score
  • Believe in good writing

At Online Net India we start by learning about your goals, financial plan and proposed audience. We plan to successfully spread target keywords, ad copy and services across different ad groups. Once the campaign is approved, we launch it on Google AdWords or Bing, at times on both. We work continuously until we see positive ROI on search campaigns.

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